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Payroll services for local businesses based in Portland, Maine


Outsource your payroll- right next door.

An all-inclusive, family-owned and operated payroll service.

Running a small business is no easy task. Payroll should be one less thing to worry about. We’ve got you covered. 

W-2’s and 1099’s

Worker’s Compensation Reporting

Tax Filings

Automatic Deductions

Direct Deposits


Have you noticed that many websites you visit don’t provide any customer service phone numbers these days? Instead, they want you to correspond by “submitting” a message. That won’t happen here. You’ll always find our phone number. Do you want to scream when you call a company with a simple question, but have to “press or say” through a maddening maze of questions? That won’t happen here, either. Do you dislike dealing with letters from the IRS? We’ll eliminate that for you. Have you ever needed a payroll report ASAP but had to submit a request and wait 72 hours? We won’t make you do that. In other words, we won’t take you for granted. You’ll enjoy working with real people who care about you, your business, and the issues that affect it. You could call it revolutionary….but it’s really just a matter of respecting your time and appreciating your patronage of our services.


Lake & Co.



“Math is not my forte, putting on amazing parties is! Any business that wants to succeed, needs the support of a smart and responsive payroll te

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Hannah Lake White

“Working with Jim and Tom is an absolute pleasure. I know I can rely on their expertise in both payroll and tax work. They are responsive, accur

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Megan McConagha

“It’s hard to put into words how important Local Economy has been to our small business. We spent eight years working with a national corporat

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Jason Stein

“We’ve been working with Local Economy for years and count on the attentive, thorough and responsive service they provide. It feels like payro

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Trent Gay

“We researched and met with several companies before we chose Local Economy and we are so thankful that we did. We are a newer company therefore

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Lorilyn Gagne

“Working with Local Economy has been great. Professional, friendly and always available when I need help or guidance with payroll.”


Chris Cutshall

“As a small business owner there are never enough hours in a day. Thanks to Tom, Jim and Abbey at Local Economy I don’t have to worry abou

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Alan Baldwin, Jr.

“It is so reassuring to just know my payroll is taken care of. I love having real live friendly people who are always able to help me when I hav

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Amanda O’Brien
Eighteen Twenty Wines

“We love local economy for our payroll needs.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else.  They make payroll so easy.  They are very pleasant, efficient

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Ashlie Voteur

“Local Economy has been my small business’s payroll service for several years now. They have provided truly exceptional service from day o

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James Elliott
Downeast Preservation Painting

“Local Economy saves the day for me on a daily basis! I am so lucky and grateful to have them, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do

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Mandy Wheeler

“Local Economy has been taking care of our payroll for 5 years and we couldn’t be happier.  Abbey, Jim and Tom are always thorough and re

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Kathy Palmer

“Working with Local Economy for our payroll needs has been simply amazing. Jim, Tom, and Abbey are easy to work with and provide the kind of dil

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Hossein Miremadi

“The Local Economy team is extremely knowledgeable and reliable. They are my go-to resource for all our payroll needs and give me peace of mind

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Jennifer Widor Smith

“The crew at Local Economy makes running payroll easy, friendly and human.”


Luke Behrends

“Local Economy has managed all of our payroll needs for over five years and we could not be happier with their service. They are always just an

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John Crane

“Responsive, accurate, competitive. Local Economy has been our payroll company for years and we recommend them to anyone who asks!”


Ezekiel Callanan

“Local Economy provides highly accurate, reliable and timely services. Customer support is in a different league to that of larger corporate typ

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Patrick Murphy

“I love working with Local Economy Payroll services.  They are so responsive and extremely helpful when I have questions.  They go above and b

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Matthew Marrier

“Local Economy is an outstanding organization. I have operated my own business for 18 years and made my way through three other accounting servi

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Michael Seymour

“I highly recommend Local Economy and the folks that work there. We have used Local Economy for around 8 years.  Local Economy are experts in p

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Cheryl Ahearn

“Local Economy is a wonderful local business in Portland Maine and I’ve been doing business with them since the day I started my business.

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Tina Cromwell

“From the moment we hired our first employee as a tiny startup Local Economy has provided terrific support and made payroll easy. As we’ve

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Zack Anchors

“I have had the pleasure of working with Local Economy for the past 7 years. They are truly the best! Always helpful, knowledgeable, efficient,

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Noah Talmatch

“Local Economy is no ordinary payroll service. They are interested in the companies they work with and are always there to help with last-minute

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Lisa Edge

“Local Economy has been my payroll company for many years now. I love them. Their customer service is excellent and they are always happy to spe

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Courtney MacIsaac

WE BELIEVE IN local businesses & our community.

It really is that simple. Payroll services in Greater Portland and Southern Maine are offered right here, locally.

The good news?

Working with us over a larger or corporate payroll company does not come with any sacrifices. You won’t miss out on any of the perks of a larger company including time tracking tools, online platform/logins, hiring, or onboarding assistance- We do it all…..only better!


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