The Local Economy Difference.

Payroll services for local businesses based in Portland, Maine

What’s It Like to Work With Local Economy Payroll?

When working with us, we become a part of your team.  Our hands-on approach ensures a customized fit that will be right for your business.

In the beginning, we’ll learn how you collect payroll information on your employees, which will help us determine the best practices and services for your unique business.  We’ll guide you through collecting information about your company and employees that will be necessary to get you started.  Whether you need time and attendance tracking or simply want to put yourself on payroll, we’ll design a service that’s right for your business and guide you through the process.   

After we’ve determined the best practices for company, we’ll present an engagement letter that spells it all out for you.  There’s no tiny print, no minimum contract term, and best of all:  no surprises.  You won’t receive additional charges for quarterly reporting, filing W-2’s, or any other compliance-related work.  It’s all in the price of our service.  

Once you’re up and running, you’ll work with your personal representative to process your payroll. You can expect kind, courteous, and prompt service at all times from people who make their homes right here in Maine.

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What you can expect working with us:

Responsive Service Representative

You get the human touch because we always work with you to process your payroll and answer any questions.

Paperless Payroll

Access your payroll reports, quarterly forms, employee check copies, and you have the option to submit your payroll using your administrator portal. Employees have their own portals with access to pay stubs, W2s, and can even edit their own W4 information.

Automated Time and Attendance

We can help you find the right timekeeping solution for your business through our partnership with SwipeClock.  Employees can punch in on a timeclock, mobile device, or a computer.  Administration is cloud-based and simple. This accountability software allows you to know your team is working on the job they are supposed to be.

Background Checks

Our team will help you navigate conducting background checks and having the proper documentation and procedures in place.

Help Navigating Workers Compensation

All Maine businesses with employees are required to purchase worker’s compensation insurance. Local Economy has partnered with The Hartford to integrate your worker’s compensation premium payment into the payroll process. Learn More Here.

Dependable Direct Deposits

We help you determine the best option for your business and your employees by helping to mitigate your financial risk. 

Pricing Transparency

We offer easy-to understand pricing with no hidden fees. When we provide you with a price it will include regular payroll processing, quarterly and annual filing of your payroll forms, and W2s at the end of the year.

Payroll Tax Compliance

Payroll Taxes. We will collect and deposit payroll taxes on your behalf
Payroll Forms. We will prepare all federal and state forms required for your business

Get the bells and whistles of a large firm with the local approach that matters.

Our clients are bakers, artists, pet sitters, acupuncturists, manufacturers, fishermen, consultants, and more. They are brave people in the Portland, Maine area who decided to risk their livelihood in order to pursue a dream. Many of them left good-paying jobs with health insurance, retirement, and paid vacation to open their own businesses. Somewhere along the way each of them discovered that they needed some assistance in navigating state and federal tax regulations, paying their employees, or just keeping track of their business transactions. We’re here to help them do just that. 

Our clients are also our neighbors, our friends, and our livelihood. We never forget that.

Let's get this payroll party started.


615 Congress St. Ste 430
Portland, Maine 04101