About Us.

Payroll services for local businesses based in Portland, Maine

Local Economy Payroll is a family-run enterprise located in Portland, Maine. With over 50 years of combined accounting experience, we make our client’s lives a little easier each day by providing them with exceptional and affordable payroll services.
The people who use our services are brave Mainers who left good jobs and gave up health insurance, retirement, and paid time-off, in order to pursue a dream. They include bakers, artists, pet sitters, therapists, acupuncturists, manufacturers, retailers, fishermen, attorneys, and consultants. They are our neighbors, our friends, and our livelihood. We will never forget that.

Meet the team.

Family owned & operated

3 Mainers & One ADORABLE Pup

We are Jim, Tom, Abbey, and Leo-  the faces (and snout) behind Local Economy Payroll.

We pride ourselves on handling our clients payroll affairs as if they were our own.

Tom Gangewer

“I’ve held multiple accounting management positions in several industries, but none of them compare to being part of this little family business. Selling payroll services for Local Economy Payroll allows me to meet the people that make Maine’s economy hum. Plus, I get to work with Jim and Abbey every day, and neither one of them care if I’m wearing jeans and my shirt is slightly wrinkled.


When I came to Maine 22 years ago, I was struck by how friendly Mainers are. If you sit down for a beer, it won’t be long before some interesting soul walks up to introduce themselves. It was a refreshing change, and one of the primary reasons I decided to stay. This state has a sense of place like nowhere else that I’ve ever been.

Oh……and when I’m not working, I like to walk Leo, go to camp, practice tap dancing (a humbling exercise that I never do in front of an audience), and dine out.

Jim Belanger

“I grew up here in Maine. I often considered leaving for bigger and better things, but I realized quickly that I love it here. I have watched Portland transform from a rough and tumble little seaside town to a shining gem with so much to offer.
Maine has a wonderful array of people and industries so where better to have our business but right here at home.
Running a business is liberating and rewarding but it comes with a price: hard work and long hours. But I gladly pay that price to have the feeling I get from working with our great clients and getting to know their businesses.”

Jim Belanger of Local Economy Payroll, smiling in a red and green flannel button down shirt.

Abbey Gangewer

“Through more than 20 years in a variety of service and leadership roles, I’ve developed a passion for promoting the growth and success of independent businesses. I’m thrilled to bring my combination of experience and passion to Local Economy, as the Vice President of Payroll Operations and Marketing.
As with most Maine business owners, we are both fiercely independent and supportive of our community, and I take great pride in providing Maine companies with a local option for payroll services.
Outside of work I am most likely bowling at Bayside Bowl, watching live music somewhere around town, or checking out one of Portland’s newest breweries or oldest dive bars.”

Jim Belanger of Local Economy Payroll, smiling in a red and green flannel button down shirt.


“I’m Leo. I’m a busy French Bulldog ready to greet every visitor with enthusiasm — except maybe the mailman.
When I’m not napping I spend my days taking walks, finding sticks to chew, and seeking other dogs for lasting friendships. Undoubtedly, I’m the hardest working team member at Local Economy Payroll. I do all the hard work around here. Everyone definitely stays on my good side. Oh, did I mention that they spoil me?”

Jim Belanger of Local Economy Payroll, smiling in a red and green flannel button down shirt.